What do I charge?

That's probably why you're here, right?

Depending on what you would like in terms of quality of service, you can pick the right one for you.

I don’t rely on adverts alone, I go out and actually find people that match the skills and personality you want.  

I only take on enough work to allow me to give 100% to the jobs I take on. I don't oversubscribe my time, and I only work with companies that can be transparent every step of the way.

I work on an exclusive basis, because that's when I can really go out and work with you as an extension of your business, giving you the same care and attention I give mine. Reputation is everything!

One thing’s for sure – I'm completely transparent and will tell you if I can’t fill a role. Why waste your time and mine? 

Cashflow is important for SME's and we have various packages we offer, get in touch for more details.

Packages available.


15% of expected salary.

● Copywrite adverts (not the job spec thrown out)

● Market map to find the right candidates.  

● Using my network and referrals. 

● CV lay out to your preference, with or without cover sheet.

● Candidate Screening notes submitted (because a CV doesn't tell you everything you need to know).

● Use boolean searches and headhunt candidates that are not actively applying or have their CV readily available on job boards or actively on LinkedIn. 

● Weekly calls on updates on the market, where I am with hiring and if any issues.

● Mid week updates - keeping you in the loop on the hiring process, flagging any immediate issues within 48 hours.

Mid range:

20% of expected salary.

Standard, plus:

● Conducting the initial interview with the candidates. Ask the candidate two to five questions that you provide me with for screening purposes and I video record these.

● Send marketing videos to candidates - about the job and why they would want to work for you.

● Video specs produced by you or me and sent to candidates rather than the written spec.

● Provide you with a Talent Dashboard with the digital shortlist providing you access to candidates videos that have been pre-recorded.

● Use video software to help onboard the candidate & keeping them engaged until they start.

Top tier - leadership level:

25% of expected salary.

Mid range plus:

● Report on strengths and weaknesses from screening each candidate against the scorecard 

● Scorecard produced based on brief and discussions with those involved in the hiring process (looks at requirements to be achieved in the first 3 months, 5 months and 12 months) 

● Prep hiring managers before interview with questions to ask, confirm all OK 

● 12 month free replacement 

● Managed recruitment process managed from start to finish 

● Attend interviews onsite and conduct interviews with managers attending.